Scaring is caring! Our monsters love what they do and they do it with a passion.

“Kids these days. They just don’t get scared like they used to!”

– Monsters Inc

Established in the fall of 2009, Creative Monster is a forward thinking design company based in Guildford, Surrey, UK. Experienced in all mediums of Design & Development, including, Web, Print, Branding, Advertising and everything in between – below are a few things our monsters are pretty good at. If you would like them to work with you on your next project, then please drop us a line, we’re all ears.

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We’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with a wide range of amazing clients — from global brands to local start-ups.

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“There are 3 responses to a piece of design – Yes, No & WOW! Wow is the one to aim for”

– Milton Glaser

Our Passion

Below is a list of a few of the services our monsters offer and specialise in. However, if it is not listed, then it does not mean that they can’t help you. So, please feel free to get in touch with any projects you may have in mind and they will endeavour to help you in anyway they can.

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Web Design

Web Design is the process of conceptualising and creating a presentation that delivers content via the World Wide Web. Often referred to as ‘Interface Design’ the aim of a well designed website is to display information to the end-user using a combination of typography, illustration and animation. Colour, scale and composition also play a vital role in the planning of any web design. The process of designing Web pages, Websites, Web applications or multimedia for the Web may utilize multiple disciplines, such as animation, authoring, communication design, corporate identity, graphic design, human-computer interaction, information architecture (AI), interaction design, marketing, photography, search engine optimisation (SEO) and typography.

Web Hosting

Our web hosting plans are perfect for websites of all sizes, so whether you’re building your first website, looking for powerful and flexible web hosting without limits, or advanced eCommerce hosting, we have a solution to make your website a success. We provide 24/7 UK support 365 days a year. Managing your website is easy with our advanced web hosting control panel.

Content Management

A content management system (CMS) is a web based application which allows users to update the content of a website themselves in-house. The advantages of a CMS as opposed to the traditional ‘hard coded’ approach is that the use of a CMS puts you in control of your website content. This means that you can add, edit and remove content on the site such as pages, blog content and web forms.


We love WordPress, everything it does and has the potential to do. In the last few years it has pulled itself out of the ‘blogosphere’ and into the realms of bona fide website content management. It’s a great, easy to install and easy to manipulate platform for content publishing, but now it’s (in our view) the best solution for company brochure sites, community websites and shops.


Search engine optimisation can be described as improving a websites ranking on the common search engines. Improving a websites ranking, should, in turn, attract more visitors to your website. At Creative Monster we produce SEO campaigns for both local and international based search terms, whether it be organically or using PPC. Each website will have a bespoke SEO strategy behind it to maximise results.


A brand or corporate identity is essential to the success of your company’s marketing efforts. That’s why at Creative Monster your brand dictates everything we do. As your digital agency we need to be brand savvy. And that’s what we are. We have the skills to to nurture, protect and maintain your brand philosophy. Brands are easily diluted and easily tarnished so it’s important to have a partner that sees the need to protect your identity and reputation. Sometimes you don’t need the full branding package, you might be a start-up that simply wants a logo for your business. We do offer this service, but do recommend that you consider the next step and develop a set of brand guidelines. This will establish your brand’s style and protect it from degrading over time as other agencies involved.

Social Media

With the growth of social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, social media has become a free and accessible way of marketing to your customers. We offer our customers the ability to tap into these marketing channels, setting up and customising accounts and creating campaigns which can help in a number of ways.

Email Marketing

Email marketing allows you to keep regular client contact at the click of a button. An email marketing strategy allows you to send multiple emails when you want, how you want and gain real time reporting. It is a great way to inform your clients about a new product launch or special offer. We can design and send emails on your behalf when you want.

Print Design

Print or Graphic design is the process of solving problems using well considered design principles. It also encapsulates the skills necessary to produce designs which stand out and feel unique, whilst keeping in line with project objectives and any established branding they may have. Typically we can design your next flyer, brochure or business card, etc.